Spring on its way

So, I have been living in Vilnius for over 7 weeks now. Today I went to the rail station because I should fix my visa for my trip to Russia in April. On my way home, searching for the bus stop I took the wrong street so I got lost. But it was actually good to get lost, because I had a chance to explore new parts of the city as I haven’t visit before. I got the opportunity to see new quarters in the old parts of the city, I found a lot of small places to eat and know I now where I will go this weekend!


Overall I really enjoy to live in Vilnius. It is a little bit different from other cities in Europa, especially capitals. In Vilnius their lives about 550-600 000 people and the most famous part of the city is the old town with all the beautiful buildings, churches, cafés and so on. There is a lot of history in Vilnius so if you are interest in history, the city is a very good place, both for old history and modern history.


If you go outside the old town, you will see a totally opposite side of the city, no colour and everything looks the same. When I took the bus to the city centre, I passed several of buildings, they look all the same and the only difference between them is the house number, written with big numbers at one of the walls. I will later, when not also the sky is grey, post some pictures, because it is quite interesting and different from Sweden.
When I first arrived I had a hard time when I went shopping etc. because Lithuania people normally doesn’t smile when you meet the out walking or when you are doing you groceries etc. It is a lot of exchange student who under lectures has said the same and usually the professors answer them that a Lithuania smile is very nice, but not that usual.


For some weeks ago it started to snow and it got really cold, but today, actually I think the spring is on its way even to Vilnius.