Back to Lithuania

Well, yesterday I came back to Lithuania after spending the easter with my family back home in Sweden. I can really say it was nice to be home in Sweden, sleeping in my own bed without earplugs, close the door when I wanted privacy and take good showers!


To be home was a good time to think, get knew energy and reflect a little bit over the time I have been in Lithuania. To be home was a good way to get perspectives and to think about all the differences between living in the countries.

When I came to Lithuania it was impossible not to notice the different living conditions, but coming home made it even more clear.


To got back to Lithuania was not difficult but I most admit I enjoyed home. I thought that maybe the spring was on its way hear to but when I came it was a lot of rain and storm and I start to think if there really is a spring in Lithuania, but i most be!

It is about midterm right now and I start to think a little bit about the final exams in june, even if it is a long time until then! Right now there is quit a lot to do in school and there is never a time when I can sit back and se “I don’t have anything to study”.
I have so say I am impressed about the quality of the education, in the beginning I was a little bit sceptical but now I really can feel I have learned a lot. And learning is not only about the subject in the classes, it is also about myself. To be abroad really is a time to get to know and develop yourself.


Well, I will keep holding my thumbs and wish that the spring soo will be really on its way in Lithuania.

Spring on its way

So, I have been living in Vilnius for over 7 weeks now. Today I went to the rail station because I should fix my visa for my trip to Russia in April. On my way home, searching for the bus stop I took the wrong street so I got lost. But it was actually good to get lost, because I had a chance to explore new parts of the city as I haven’t visit before. I got the opportunity to see new quarters in the old parts of the city, I found a lot of small places to eat and know I now where I will go this weekend!


Overall I really enjoy to live in Vilnius. It is a little bit different from other cities in Europa, especially capitals. In Vilnius their lives about 550-600 000 people and the most famous part of the city is the old town with all the beautiful buildings, churches, cafés and so on. There is a lot of history in Vilnius so if you are interest in history, the city is a very good place, both for old history and modern history.


If you go outside the old town, you will see a totally opposite side of the city, no colour and everything looks the same. When I took the bus to the city centre, I passed several of buildings, they look all the same and the only difference between them is the house number, written with big numbers at one of the walls. I will later, when not also the sky is grey, post some pictures, because it is quite interesting and different from Sweden.
When I first arrived I had a hard time when I went shopping etc. because Lithuania people normally doesn’t smile when you meet the out walking or when you are doing you groceries etc. It is a lot of exchange student who under lectures has said the same and usually the professors answer them that a Lithuania smile is very nice, but not that usual.


For some weeks ago it started to snow and it got really cold, but today, actually I think the spring is on its way even to Vilnius.

Mardi Gras and some good tips if you are thinking about going abroad

Well, To long since a wrote a post so this will be a long one! 🙂
At saturday 14/2, we celebrated Mardi Gras here in Vilnius. A tradition and celebration that the winter is over and spring is coming! I think it was a mix between the swedish easter and Halloween.
I Went out to the old Town and city central with some friends and their was a carnaval and tables were people were Selling home made products, traditional Lithuanian specialties and of course food!
Traditional Lithuanian food is thick panncakes, bean stew, a lot of meat, potatoes, union, beethrow with carrot etc. It is not the easy to be a vegan/vegetarian here because a lot of dishes are based on meat, especially the traditional food.

Later at the evening their were some fire shows at Lithuanian language so we didn’t understood anything but it was really cool. I presume it was a story about the sun defeating the dark and cold, probably the winter.
Over oll a really good day with some good food, nice experience and also a visit to the Cinema.

Well, I have been here in Lithunia over Three weeks now and I really enjoy my time. I live in dorm and share a small room with a girl. We all share bathroom and “kitchen”. It is important not to have any expectations otherwise you may will be disapointed. Now I’m jused to the way we are living here in the dorms but I remember when i first arrived here there were a lot of students who were “chocked” of the living conditions.
I have to say I like it and you get used to it. Even if you not Always want to talk with people, it is very nice to live in dorms because there is Always someone you can talk with if you want, otherwise you just have to smile, be polite and say hello when you see someone.

I’m not that person who likes to hang out with people 24 hours 7 Days a week, I get really exhausted. So a really good tip for you who are concern about living in dorm or go abroad: it is okay to not participate in Everything and just listen to you self. Today I actually were really tired, I had classes until 19:30 and when I came up to my floor there were about 70 persons screaming, dancing etc… Then it is okay to take care of ourself, try to find some minutes for yourself. If you are scared “you will miss something” relax, there will be A LOT of other activities. Here for an example there are every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday party on clubs until 4:30. Over that almost everyday there is something happening so there will be plenty of things to join if you want.

The sun hasn’t been shining since I came almost but now it has been shining for some Days and it is really Lovely, worth the waiting time! But it is SO COLD XD