Back to Lithuania

Well, yesterday I came back to Lithuania after spending the easter with my family back home in Sweden. I can really say it was nice to be home in Sweden, sleeping in my own bed without earplugs, close the door when I wanted privacy and take good showers!


To be home was a good time to think, get knew energy and reflect a little bit over the time I have been in Lithuania. To be home was a good way to get perspectives and to think about all the differences between living in the countries.

When I came to Lithuania it was impossible not to notice the different living conditions, but coming home made it even more clear.


To got back to Lithuania was not difficult but I most admit I enjoyed home. I thought that maybe the spring was on its way hear to but when I came it was a lot of rain and storm and I start to think if there really is a spring in Lithuania, but i most be!

It is about midterm right now and I start to think a little bit about the final exams in june, even if it is a long time until then! Right now there is quit a lot to do in school and there is never a time when I can sit back and se “I don’t have anything to study”.
I have so say I am impressed about the quality of the education, in the beginning I was a little bit sceptical but now I really can feel I have learned a lot. And learning is not only about the subject in the classes, it is also about myself. To be abroad really is a time to get to know and develop yourself.


Well, I will keep holding my thumbs and wish that the spring soo will be really on its way in Lithuania.

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