Summer and exams

Well, so much has happened since the last time I wrote.

First of all I have been away, I went to Riga in Latvia and Russia! Riga is a beautiful city, feels much bigger than Vilnius, more international and much more easy to speak english! A nice experience and it is really easy and cheap to travel to the nereast contries by bus from Lithuania and Vilnius. Especially if you are student you can get really good price of different trips!

My “biggest” trip was to Russia, and it was an amazing experience!!!! First we went to St Petersburg, later on to Vieliky Novgorod and last to Moscow! St Petersburg and Moscow was hughe but absolutely wonderful, big beautiful building, friendly people and a lot of museums, churches etc. And once again, to be a student abroad gives to possibility to have great prices and experience a lot!

Vieliky Novgorod is a really old City between St Petersburg and Moscow (it is about 500km to Moscow from there). It is really a typical sovjet city but has a lot of older history and we had a nice guide to told us about everything from battles to vikings and traditions.
After my trip can say that Russia if the contry of contrasts!

We went by bus between the cities which gave us the opportunity to see more. To go bo buss was a good idea but I couldn’t imagine how the “big” road should be…. I expected a good high way, but I was soo wrong…

One very interesting thing in Moscow was that I had the opportunity to watch the 1 of may parade which is the Labours Day in Russia and is a very big celebration on the Red Square.
Finally I also had the opportunity to by a really nice Mathryoskha, post cards and travel books.


Right now it is like summar here in Vilnius, beautfil weahter, hot actually and almost everyday the sun is shining. That good for me because I’m doing all my exams now, I have done three and I have two more. And of course the biggest and most difficult is saved for last… But at the same time it is a fun period with some press but also a sign that my time here in Lithuania is coming to an end. It is a little bit sad because I really like to be abroad and to be a exchange student is a fantastic opportunity, but at the same time I will appriciate to have a room on my own, cook nice food and have some peaceful and quite time on my own.

Luckely for the next exchange student who will live in the dorms, they are going to renovate this summer!!


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