The sun is shining!

Because my internet crashed weeks ago I haven’t been able to post the post I wanted about my  stay here in Genova from October, so I will post it not. Better late than never? 🙂blog7blog6

The last weeks since my last blog has been bissy, in a good way. I try to plan my work so that a sometimes can go on trips, like a did for two weekends ago, I went to Florence, the city of beautiful art! I had really high expectations about Florence and of course I was more than contect with all the museums, places to visit, exhibitions, churches etc, but just to walk in as a city it was not really what I had expected.


Even if this was I the middle of October there was a lot of tourists. I had the opportunity to buy a special museum card so I didn’t have to stand in line, which saved me a lot of time, but still it was very crowded at the streets and in the restaurants. It was quite expensive to I think but definitely worth a visit. It was a special feeling to visit some of the famous places and in real life see so so famous paintings, statues etc. I felt really lucky to have this kind of experience. I went there over the weekend and I thought that I on Sunday morning should go to Galleria Dell’Academia to see David by DA VINCI. When I came there was so many tourists, even this early morning, but I thought: “I can’t leave Florence without visit and taking a picture of David, it is impossible”. So ofcourse I went in to this crowded place and got my pictures!


In total, at 2½ day I visited totalt 25 museum, exhibitions and churches, but YES it was difficult! J


I also had the opportunity to visit the Cinque Terre which are very famous here in the north of Italy. It is five beautiful small fishing villages which small colourful houses by the sea, fantastico! Usually iy is possible to walk between the villiages, it is not that far, but when I went some roads were closed, unfortunately. I had to take the train but it only took some minutes, but there was big problem with the trains that morning so I had to wait forever with of course A LOT of other tourists. Even if the tourist season starts to calme down, I thought there was a lot of tourists and it was not really suitable for this small villiages, but nothing to do with that. Instead I tried to make sure that I was one step ahead the groups! I became a little as a sport! The names of the villages are: Riomaggioare, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazze and Monterosso. My favourites were Riomaggiore and Manarola!


Now when I’m writing this I’m sitting on the morning train to Milano, and the surroundings has started to get some autumn colour, it is really beautiful! Thankfully in Genova we are stille blessed with good and nice weather most of the time. For some days now it has been a blue sky with any clouds and 20+. Belissima!




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