Wonderful Time

It might not have happened a lot since my last blog, but I have to say I really enjoy my time here in Genoa. The weather has been great today, hot, sunny without any cloud in the sky, absolutely perfect, took a cup of caffe at my terasse and enjoyed the view and sun, belissima, real life quality!


I’m doing my internship at two places, in a school and in a cooperative and I like the change in the work. Something in common for both places is of course the children, between the age of 6 to 15 in total. Every one is unique and all have their own experiences and personalities! I have to take the bus to the school, usually when I start at 8 am I take the bus 7:15, at latest, and by then the traffic is okay. If you wait to 8 à clock, the traffic jams are horrible! Not worth waiting for so long time for being late on a bus full (and then I mean really full) of people. No, my neighborhood is very quite in the morning, sleeping for a long time, so I think it is really nice to go out to the bus when most of the people are still sleeping and the Foccacerias are just opening. The smell of this lovely new fresh baked bread is like heaven, irresistible.


I have bought a tv for some company and for watching movies. There is a big library here called Berio where it is possible to rent movies for free, especially older Italian movies, really good! a good idea when I want to practice my Italian, I can have the subtitles or language on Italian! Right now I’m watching a chines history movie, great, but the only language was Chinese and the only subtitle available was Chinese or Italian, thought Italian was the best option…. 🙂


Tomorrow I will take the train to Florence and stay there over the weekend, I think it is going to be absolutely perfect and I’m really excited!


I will post some pictures from the Rolli Day event and hopefully after the weekend, I will quick upload pictures from Florence!

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