Second day… still culturchock!

Okay, I have been in Vilnius, Lithuania for over 24 hours and I really don’t know what to say yet. I have to admit it is a culturchock for me, maybe not the people and the University itself, but the dormitories really are.
I had checked the Pictures and thought I was prepared but my first thought yesterday whas “really??”….

Soon the girl I’m sharing the room with (who is very kind) and I are going to IKEA to by some necessary things, mostly for the kitchen! I wan’t complain but it is really difficult to find something to cook on and eat on. It’s not very fresh but it could deffinetly be worse!

The school is slightly different from the dormitory I’m living in. It’s a modern school and very nice teachers and I can’t wait to start all my Courses!

Well, now I’m off to IKEA and I will soon give some more updates from me in Lithuania. DSC00038Kitchen!