Better and better!!

What a cliché but I have to admit that time runs fast when you have a great time! There is a lot of things that has happened since Monday.

First of all I have to agree and say sharing a small room with someone and kitchen, bathroom and shower with MANY PEOPLE isn’t easy. Somehow I think I’m doing better for each day.

Today we have been to Trakai, the old capital of Lithuania. It was nice, there was an old castle and lakes, I also tried some traditional Lithuanian food. I thought I was used to the cold from home but I was really wrong. Wind and snow made the trip so cold, still very refreshing!

I have been really tired for some days, for many reasons. I think I start to relax and actually enjoy my dormitory and to be with so many people, in the same time it really takes time to adjust and “accept” things like a really dirty kitchen and people who are screaming and partying 5 a.m. But I say to myself I will get used to it!

I told you about our planned trip to IKEA, well it didn’t went so well… We got lost whit the busses and we ended up somewhere and no one spoke English so instead we went to a nice restaurant. Yesterday we went to a shop called Maxima and bought everything we needed for the kitchen and some things for the room. As you can see in the pictures we try to separate the room to get some privacy. I’m so happy about the results!!!!

Now I’m going to look on some series, good night!!!

DSC00096famous castle in Trakai, 30km from Vilnius

 DSC00099 DSC00103 DSC00115 DSC00149 DSC00114 DSC00078Yeah, some privatcy!!

 DSC00081our one and only!

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