New term, new contry, new experiences!

So, I wrote her last term also, when I was visiting Vilnius in Lithuania for a half years of studies.

This term I’m doing my “socionompraktik” internship here in Genoa, Italy. I arrived for about one and a half week ago but it feels like lot longer ago. Genoa is a big city, all people say different things about the population, from 700 000 to 1 000 000 miljon habitans in the Genoa-area. Even though it is a big city, the historical center and the historical parts of the city is one of the biggest in Europe. I live in the old Historic Center where the streets are really smalled, in italian called “vico”. It different from the streets I use to know in Malmö and some times it really reminds you of “Lady and Lufsen” – the Disney movie.

So what do I do here in Genoa? I have to mainly places where I do my internship, first at a home for children and secondly on a school a little bit outside the city center where I observ the integration of children with special needs and are supporting the teachers in the english courses.
Yet, the students hasn’t arrived because the school starts official about some days. But I’m looking forward to meet the kids in the school.

So until now, I have most been at the structure as we call the home and visited different meetings at the school. I also had the opportunity to do my own sightseeings here in the city, which I needed because it is really easy to take the wrong street when you visit the historic center. There is a big aquarium in Genoa, some people says it is famous in Europe, i don’t know but it was nice to visit. I also started to drink the italian coffe which is lovely!!!

In Genoa there is an airport but if you want to flight from copenhagen it is really expensive and it take a lot of time because you have to change flight in France och Germany. So a good way to go to Genoa, and the same way I took, is to flight to Milano (2h) and then take the train (about 2h 30 min in total from Milano Airport). It was a nice experience to take the train, a lot of green areas, mountains and small villages.


Soon I will post some picture!

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