Cheering 2.0


Last week KUBA organized the cheering orientation . KU students take cheering VERY seriously, there´s an actual choreography. Why?? Well, every year there´s a tournament in various sports (such as basketball and baseball) against our rival Yonsei University. The match is called Koyeonjeon, Korea-Yonsei Rival Match (고연전). In order to make sure that KU wins, every student knows how to cheer.

We had instructors showing us what we had to do and most of us wore our red KUBA shirts. There are 18 different songs and choreography´s. Our buddies know all of them by heart. I can only remember two or so. It was extremely exhausting and FUN. I´ve never seen Koreans that excited and active. Amazing! Everybody was jumping and dancing like there´s no tomorrow. Some even hurt themselves cause they were overdoing it.

Afterwards we went for dinner and to have some soju (standard combination in Korea). What a fun day. I look forward to the match, were KU will obviously win! In cheering at least, as Yonsei apparently does nothing exciting during the match.

Picture Credits go to the KUBA, who took lots of fun pictures! Thanks for that!


Go, KU, Gooo



10429415_1480018805635913_484106949306788950_nTotally exhausted after that work-out!


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