September with Rolli Days and Genova’s history

I have been in Genova about one month now and the more time I spend in the city, the more I like it, really! First, I can admit that sometimes I was a little bit scared when I walked home at evening, the streets are very small etc, but I like the city more and more for each day.



Genova is quite a big city and     sometimes I forget that when I live and spend the most of my time in that quarter, but the city has some really beautiful quarters, gardens and big streets!


Two times a year, everybody has the oppurtunity to come and visit the Rolli days. Lucky me who spend my time here when the Rolli days was (last weekend). I took a guided tour with a good guide who talked about the Rolli system, when Genova was a really big and strong economy, other kind of history etc. It was really interesting. You can say that under the Rolli days you have the opportunity to come and visit several of the palaces at Via Garibaldi, one of the most famous and beautiful street in Genova. The rest of the days of the year it costs to visit the palaces, but under theese days, it is free! And the tourist information also offers guided tours, which can be we good if you want to understand what Rolli means!

You can say I have really good weather here. Last weekend it was soo nice weather so I went to the beach called Boccaddesse. It is a beautiful small village, part of Genova, famous for the fishing and the small beach with cute houses and a lot of houses with strong colours. It was really nice, but a lot of people, I wasn’t alone!

blogg4Beautiful Boccaddese!


blogg2Aquarium of Genova

More pictures are coming soon from Rolli Days!

Ciao Ciao!