Meeting with Kartvelian experts in Batumi

Revaz Tchantouria, Section for Caucasus Studies (Malmö University) had meetings with Prof. Mamia Paghava (to the left), Head of Department of Kartvelian Studies at Batumi State University, and with Dr. Omar Memishishi (below, to the right), a prominent expert on Chan and also a native speaker  of the language. Chan is  closely related to Megrelian and is mainly spoken close to Batumi in the village of Sarpi on the border to Turkey. Among other things, Dr. Memishishi has collected and published a number of Chan texts.



Linguistic Dominance and Inequality Conference 15-16 Nov

Thank you to all presenters and participants at the conference “Linguistic Dominance and Inequality” for great papers and very stimulating discussions! The conference was hosted by the Department of Language and Linguistics, Malmö University, November 15-16, 2017.

Read the abstracts here.

Photos: Karina Vamling & Elnur Aliyev

Meetings at Ilia State University

Prof Karina Vamling, Caucasus Studies (Malmö University) had two meetings with colleagues at Ilia State University during her visit to Tbilisi.

Prof Nino Doborjginidze, Director of the Institute of Linguistic Studies and Dr. Irina Lobzhanidze showed the Georgian language corpus:

Digital humanities is a profile of the University, and this was also one of the topics discussed at the meeting with Prof. Oliver Reisner.



Meeting at Oslo University: Bibliotheca Polyglotta

Professor Jens Erland Braarvig (right), Dept. of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages  at Oslo University demonstrated his ongoing project Bibliotheca Polyglotta to Karina Vamling and Revaz Tchantouria, Caucasus Studies, Malmö University. The database includes a large number of parallel religious and other texts and can be searched and read in various ways.

The two ancient literary languages of the Caucasus, Armenian and Georgian, are of particular interest here, as many antique and medieval texts were translated into these languages and in some cases the originals were subsequently lost.

Old Armenian texts are already well represented in the database and the inclusion of Georgian texts is in the planning phase, which was one of the topics discussed during this informal meeting.

The database Bibliotheca Polyglotta is open and can be accessed at:

Photo to the right: From Dionysius Thrax: Grammar


Pilot project on mobile language learning

The pilot project “Mobile language learning” is approaching its goal: developing a prototype of a language app for Beginners’ Swedish to be used by asylum seekers.

Nils Ehrenberg (Department of Media Technology and Product Development) and Maria Wiktorsson (Department of Language and Linguistics) at a recent project meeting at Niagara.

Read more about the project:

New publication: Endangered Languages of the Caucasus and Beyond

Recently published: Endangered Languages of the Caucasus and Beyond, edited by Ramazan Korkmaz and Gürkan Doğan. Brill Publishing , 2016.

The volume is based on the 2014 International CUA Conference on Endangered Languages, organized by the Caucasus University Association (CUA) at Ardahan University, Turkrey. Prof. Karina Vamling, Malmö University, contributes with an article on Megrelian.
Read more about the publication:…/9789004328693;jse…

New publication on the Malmö University–Chalmers corpus

bridgesThe recently published volume New Approaches to English Linguistics. Building Bridges (John Benjamins, 2016), includes the chapter “Building interdisciplinary bridges: MUCH: The Malmö University–Chalmers Corpus of Academic Writing as a Process”, with Maria Wiktorsson (Department of Language and Linguistics, Malmö University) as one of the authors. Co-authors are Anna Wärnsby, Asko Kauppinen, Andreas Eriksson, Eckhard Bick and Leif-Jöran Olsson.

Read the abstract:

John Storan honorary doctor at the Faculty of Culture and Society

Prof John Storan, University of East London, – and also guest professor at the Department of Language and Linguistics – will be promoted to honorary doctor at the Faculty of Culture and Society, Malmö University, on October 21.

Read more about John Storan and his work on widening participation:…/Profil-inom-breddad-rekrytering-lyfts-fram…/
Promotor is Jean Hudson, professor of English linguistics.

Watch the ceremony LIVE, starting at 4 pm, October 21; follow the link below

Participating in conference on MOOCs, Informal Language Learning and Mobility

img_0789The project on Mobile language learning has its first presentation on the International Conference MOOCs, Informal Language Learning and Mobility, Octobder 20-21, Milton Keynes, UK. Daniel Spikol (Department of  Media Technolog and Product Development, Malmö University) and Maria Wiktorsson (Department of Language and Linguistics, Malmö University), represent the research group with a poster presentation, entitled Investigating mobile language learning tools for supporting asylum seekers

Find the programme here:



På Tisus-konferens i Umeå



Medarbetarna inom svenska som andraspråk på Institutionen för språkstudier (SPS), Malmö högskola, besöker Tisus-konferens i Umeå.
På fotot till vänster: Christina Waern och Staffan Eriksson.



Erfarenhetsutbyte med kolleger från olika lärosäten – representanter från Stockholm, Umeå och Linköping (nedan):