Corpus of Georgian Linguistic Metalanguage

Research cooperation with Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Project members: Dr. Manana Kock Kobaidze, Malmö University (Director), Prof. Zaal Kikvidze (Co-director), Dr. Marina Beridze (Linguist), Dr. Tsitsino Kvantaliani (Linguist), David Nadaraia (Software developer)

Project period: 2014–2016 (Rustaveli Foundation, Georgia)
Web address:

The Corpus of Georgian Linguistic Metalanguage is created as one of the sub-corpora of the “Georgian Corpus.”  The present project will be based upon the available experience in Georgian and international corpus linguistics and, simultaneously, will functionally enrich the idea of the corpus representation of linguistic data.

At the present stage, we plan to place the electronic library of Besarion Jorbenadze’s scholarly heritage in the corpus; however, the corpus architecture will be designed so that it will be possible to incorporate literature from any scientific discipline.  The expected result is a multi-aspectual product: the electronic library of B. Jorbenadze’s linguistic writings will be created, and, based on the library, a corpus will be developed in which, alongside a general concordance, a concordance of illustration materials will be organized. Furthermore, a thesaurus of scholarly terms with tri-lingual terminological identification will be set up, implying that English and Russian correspondences will be available for any term from the Georgian linguistic usage.

The project aims at:

  • forming of the architecture of the Georgian scientific meta-language corpus
  • creating a corpus of Georgian linguistics
  • forming a thesaurus of terms; a tri-lingual glossary
  • forming a concordance of illustration materials
  • forming a platform for a library of Georgian scientific literature (in our case, of B. Jorbenadze’s works)

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