Language in multilingual and multicultural societies is the central concern of the department of Language and Linguistics at Malmö University.

We offer an MA program in Linguistics ‘Language and Society‘ and a BA program in English Studies.

The department is also home to multidisciplinary research on one of Europe’s most linguistically diverse regions: the Caucasus. As well as courses in the Georgian language, we offer area studies on the region, under the heading of Caucasus Studies.

Other courses related to the study of linguistic and cultural diversity are:

Interkulturell kommunikation (I-II) and Tvåspråkighet och identitet, both of them distance courses (in Swedish).

In line with the department’s special remit for Widening Participation, many of our courses are tailored to strengthen students’ language proficiency and career prospects in the face of new challenges, both societal and educational, for example:

Swedish language, culture and society I-IV (in English)
Svenska för utländska akademiker
Svenska för studier på universitet och högskola
Akademisk introduktionstermin
Redskap för akademiska studier och karriär

Many courses in language courses in English, Swedish, Georgian, and Russian are offered at undergraduate level, as well as courses in Creative Writing and Theatre in English. Please follow these links for a list of language courses currently on offer in English or Swedish.

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