Prof. Loria’s guest lecture on Georgian literature

Prof. Kakhaber Loria, Tbilisi Sate University, has visited Malmö University within the Linnaeus-Palme exchange programme. Kakhaber Loria is professor in comparative literature and head of the Centre for Scandinavian Studies at Tbilisi State University, which is the only centre in the Caucasus that offers courses in Swedish and Norwegian languages and cultures.

Thank you for the lecture on central lines of development in the Georgian literature from earlier periods up to today – Hovedlinjer i den georgiske literaere prossesen fra de eldste tider til og med dagens literatur (the lecture was given in Norwegian).

John Storan honorary doctor at the Faculty of Culture and Society

Prof John Storan, University of East London, – and also guest professor at the Department of Language and Linguistics – will be promoted to honorary doctor at the Faculty of Culture and Society, Malmö University, on October 21.

Read more about John Storan and his work on widening participation:…/Profil-inom-breddad-rekrytering-lyfts-fram…/
Promotor is Jean Hudson, professor of English linguistics.

Watch the ceremony LIVE, starting at 4 pm, October 21; follow the link below

Laz language in focus

IMG_1257IMG_1263Laz was in focus at today’s web & campus seminar on Caucasian languages in Turkey with visiting researcher Betul Emgin Cogal (Bilgi University, Istanbul). Betul has conducted field research with Laz communities in north-eastern Turkey.

Below – after the seminar: Staff, visiting researchers and some of our students at Caucasus Studies


Lundic workshop

On May 4-6 the workshop Lexical and typological diversity in Caucasian languages. Methods and models for coding of big data was held at Linguistics (Center for Language and Literature, Lund University) and Caucasus Studies (Dept. of Language and Linguistics. Malmö University), as a part of research cooperation within the project LUNDIC – Lund Digital Atlas of Language and Culture ( Project leader: Gerd Carling, Lund University.


Invited participants: Prof. Merab Chukhua, Tbilisi State University and Circassian Cultural Center, Georgia; Prof. Madzhid Khalilov, Institute of Language, Literature and Art, Dagestan branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Makhachkala, Russian Federation; Prof. Nadezda Alipulatova, Faculty of Foreign Languages Dagestan State Pedagogical University, Makhachkala, Russian Federation; Dr. Leila Avidzba, Scientific Research Center of Georgian-Abkhazian Relationships, Tbilisi State University, Georgia; Dr. Zarina Molochieva, Institute for Media, Language and Culture, Regensburg University, Germany.

Organisers: Gerd Carling (Lund University), Karina Vamling (Malmö University), Maka Tetradze (Malmö University)

New book by Fred Anderson, guest researcher at SPS

Education in Languages of Lesser Power

Asia-Pacific Perspectives

freds bookEdited by Craig Alan Volker and Fred E. Anderson
Divine Word University, Papua New Guinea / Kansai University, Japan
ISBN 9789027218766 | EUR 99.00 | USD 149.00
ISBN 9789027269584 | EUR 99.00 | USD 149.00
The cultural diversity of the Asia-Pacific region is reflected in a multitude of linguistic ecologies of languages of lesser power, i.e., of indigenous and immigrant languages whose speakers lack collective linguistic power, especially in education. This volume looks at a representative sampling of such communities. Some receive strong government support, while others receive none. For some indigenous languages, the same government schools that once tried to stamp out indigenous languages are now the vehicles of language revival. As the various chapters in this book show, some parents strongly support the use of languages other than the national language in education, while others are actively against it, and perhaps a majority have ambivalent feelings. The overall meta-theme that emerges from the collection is the need to view the teaching and learning of these languages in relation to the different needs of the speakers within a sociolinguistics of mobility.

Seminar on loanword typology in Lezgian

DSCN2750PhD candidate Maka Tetradze, Tbilisi State University & Eminence Erasmus Mundus exchange PhD candidate at Malmö University, outlines her findings on loanword typology on the basis of data collected on the Lezgian language (Northeast Caucasian, Dagestan languages).

When? December 10, 10.15
Where? Malmö University, Gäddan8, Citadellsvägen 7

Language Names: terminology and ideology

Professor Zaal Kikvidze, Chikobava Institute of Linguistics, Tbilisi Javakhishvili State University, Georgia ( Title of the seminar – “Language Names: Terminology and Ideology”.

Professor Kikvide is currently on a three month staff exchange at the department (funded by the Erasmus Mundus Ember project,