Trip to Yerevan

My flight from Copenhagen to Yerevan via Moscow, was at 23:40 on the 20th of November.
I arrived at Moscow at 4:05 am local time, the airport was empty. I easily found my way to the passport control and terminal D and here there was a small problem! On my italian passport there is a small mistake, there is an M on the sex! This made the Russians suspicious! An italian, living in Sweden, travelling from Danmark, going to Yerevan via Moscow with an M instead of an F! Maybe she is a terrorist! 😉 The person at the passport control made a phone call and I heard clearly the word “italian” while she was talking on the phone. After a few minutes finally she pointed at the M on the passport, said something, and then let me go through!
On both planes my seat was occupied, from Moscow to Yerevan the person sitting on my seat suggested me another place which was also occupied! :-/
On the plane from Moscow to Yerevan the passengers were circa 95% males, I could count only 3-4 females. Nune (my contact person in Yerevan) has told me that there are many Armenians males that are poor and go to Russia to earn some money, and then in this period they come back to spend Christmas with their family. I got exactly this impression on the plane, quite many emigrants that were going back home, since most of people had big sacks packed in cellophane (not ordinary suitcases).  To be continued…

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