My first weekend in Yerevan

When I arrived to Yerevan (at 11:30 of the 21st november), Nune was waiting for me with Jacob and Martin, we went all together to the apartment where I will stay for the whole month.
The first interesting thing was the elevator! The keyboard of the elevator has 14 buttons in total, 12 for the floors, one for the bell and another for the bottom floor. However, the number 3 was modified (by hand) to 13, the number 8 was deleted, the button with the bell was modified to 8. So, where is the number 3? and which button should I push if the elevator stops?

Anyway, the apartment is very nice, on the 13th floor according to the elevator (but it is the 12th floor by counting each floor), well furnished and with a very nice view!

I spent the saturday by myself, unpacking and trying to organise my life in Yerevan. I went out for tourism and for learning my way in the city. My apartment is in Tumanyan street, very central, close to the opera house and to the french square and the cascade complex.

Cascade complex in Yerevan
Cascade complex in Yerevan
I met 2 girls, Sylvia and Sara that welcomed me to Yerevan! That was nice, they were very social and nice, they pointed me where to buy a map. In the end there was a small surprise! These girls were Jehova witness, and left me a flyer about that (they are everywhere!)

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