Mobile learning – work in progress

img_0982Research in the pilot project on mobile language learning is based on a cross-disciplinary team. Participants from the Department of Language and Linguistics (Malmö University) are Maria Wiktorsson, Teresa Tomasevic, Karina Vamling and Christina Waern and from the Department of Media Technology and Product Development (Malmö University) are Daniel Spikol, Nils Ehrenberg, Miklas Njor and Bahtijar Vogel.

The research group also includes professor Giselsa Håkansson, specializing in (second) language acquisition, Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, Sweden/Faculty of Education, University College Halden, Norway, and Mechtild Tronnier, also from Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University.img_0775

The first project presentation will be held at International Conference MOOCs, Informal Language Learning, and Mobility, 20 – 21st October 2016, Milton Keynes, UK.



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