I’ve always been fond of tie-dye. All these colors and patterns you could never make purposely, the spontaneous coincidences of the paint settling in one spot of fabric rather than the other, for reasons you could never tell. However, I have never had a chance to wear tie-dye, or do something way more exciting – make it myself. So, as you could guess, I finally did it. Accompanied by my English Studies’ classmate, who is also here for one semester, I went to this tie-dye workshop, organised by the arts society of our university. The  cafe accommodating the event got crowded in no time, and the atmosphere was welcoming with everyone splashing colorful paint on white t-shirts, rolled in tiny balls and restrained with rubber bands. I had so much fun! And, of course, now I am all happy and excited, seeing (and using) what came out of this colorful and ‘splashy’ experience.