British weather’s got style

It was only two days ago that I talked to my housemates about the weather in Newcastle and found out that this winter was so far..snowless. The weather’s got a lot warmer recently, so for the past two days I have been walking with my jacket open, feeling the actual warmth of the sun on my skin. Yesterday was no exception. But when I left the uni after my lectures were over, it was pretty cold, so I was just thinking if I should take the bus. But then I didn’t. Wearing my best match (converse + mittens + wool scarf), I was walking home when it suddenly started to rain. But then it didn’t feel exactly like rain. It took me some time, but pretty soon no questions were needed anymore – it was snowing like crazy! To my surprise, people did not care at all, even those wearing pullovers or worse – t-shirts (British style). The snow was really wet and fell in lumps, so it was sleeting rather than snowing. Even though the adults really didn’t care, on my way home I saw so many houses with doors open and moms standing inside, watching their children play in the snow, as happy as they get.

But’s all back to normal. It’s raining again 🙁

So, even though weather-related posts are not among the most entertaining ones, I must confess: I become the happiest I can be when it’s snowing, so I couldn’t resist sharing this 🙂