Practice on-board Toyoshio Maru


On the 5th of august we had the opportunity to do some on-board practice on Toyoshio Maru, Hiroshima University’s research vessel. TM is built in 2006 and is used as a training vessel by the Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Hiroshima University. Toyoshio Maru is travelling around the Seto inland, western parts of Japan and sometimes as far as Korea.

The day was hot and the sun was shining when we left the hotel by bus. I think we were all tired because of the long and intense day we had the 4th with presenting our country reports and participating in the welcome ceremony held at Hiroshima University.

The japanese students were already familiar with Toyoshio Maru since they are using the boat for their research. We borrowed rubber boots and on board we had some ”safty instructions” ☺ and were told to always use helmet and life vest when being on the deck. Me and Kevin had also noticed that a lot of people in Japan wear a small towel around their neck because of the heat. So, equipped with rubber boots, life vest, helmet and sweat towel we were ready to start our research trip!

The trip was mostly about getting a presentation of TM and see if there was any significant difference of the environmental status between two locations in Hiroshima bay. Among the tests we conducted were CTD, pH, sediment tests and identification of benthos and planktons. I appreciated the more practical approach during the day because it’s always easier to get to know each other when working together.

In the afternoon we were all really tired. Me, Kevin, Mickey (from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University) and Vane (from Rovira i Virgili University) decided to have dinner at a restaurant in Saijo. We got stuck at the local YOUME that is a large supermarket center located about 15 minutes walk from the Green Hotel Morris. At YOUME we found a restaurant called the Casual Viking (!) which had buffé with as many japanese courses as we could figure out. The japanese food really is something special. All these flavours and textures some unfamiliar to me but oh so delicious!