First days in Indonesia

(C – Cecilia, H – Helene, Y – Yegor)

Showing off our t-shirts in Bandung!

Showing off our t-shirts in Bandung!

Y: OK, so we don’t have any experience with blogging, but the time in Indonesia is definitely worth telling about. Let’s maybe try to summarize the brightest impressions and moments of these days? For example, I still remember the moment when I went out Jakarta airport and immediately felt like floating in a thick soup-like air full of strange flavours. Today’s breakfast was notorious, too.

H: Yes, the breakfast was a bit too heavy for me actually. I’ve really come to love Indonesian food though! It’s very different from Swedish cuisine, and uses a lot of spices, tofu and tempeh. Also I find that the different Indonesian islands have their own identity. I spent some days on the Gili islans, and there were no motorized vehicles, everyone was on bikes or horses. Very relaxing atmosphere, and I found it very different from both Bali and what I’ve seen from Java so far. One thing that’s the same is that everyone I’ve talked to is incredibly nice and helpful.

C: After a wonderful week in Bali I arrived at a busy Jakarta Airport. A lot more crowded than Bali but with the same friendly and helpful people. Our first day consisted of two very interesting lectures focusing on sustainable agriculture and world transformation and a lot of socializing with the other participants of the conference. I have, for example, learned a lot about the Japanese culture and traditions!

Y: Oh, yes, this is very true – I’ve met so many cool people from all over the globe and learnt so much new about their culture and traditions. Indonesian culture of course stands out, I was really impressed by traditional dancing and music. Indonesia turned out to be a home for numerous local cultures, each with its own language and distinctive traditions. I am also very much looking forward to the cultural evening at the conference.

H: I’m also curious about that. We have a lot of traveling planned actually with the conference. We are visiting the City Dump of Bandung, a Green Village, the city Yogyakarta and the cultural Wayang Village, where they create traditional shadow puppets. Plenty to look forward to!