Pre-Autumn Semester Shenanigans – Week 2


Dear reader,

Snow cones, glazed popcorn, and cotton candy are only a few among the many delicious sweets one can enjoy at the annual Balloon festival held in Downtown Windsor, Ontario. Sweets, food, beverages, face paint, and “tattoos” can be purchased at the various stands spread around the closed streets – no cars may pass while the event is held. Along the sidewalk, with perhaps a glass of cold lemonade in hand, you can watch and admire the huge tomato or pickle. If you’re into Sesame Street you will absolutely adore the several foot tall Ernie, Abby, and Big Bird. Should you be more into fast food, then don’t fret! A large hot dog can be seen, but not eaten, by the sidewalk next to Frenchy’s Poutinery.

What am I babbling about you may ask?

Well, the quadruple Oed word I entitled this post with is literally a balloon festival. You can do so many things there: casually stroll down Downtown Windsor and look at the large balloons, donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation among many others, ride the Ferris Wheel or the Berry Go Round, drink a glass of lemonade, eat glazed popcorn, try out your luck with the many games. There are hours’ worth of fun and relaxation down there!

Personally, I went there with my uncle and his family. We had glazed popcorn, cotton candy, my first snow cone (cherry flavour!), face paint, rode several of the rides, tried out a few of the games and ended the day with dinner by the river. An overall amazing day.


Lady Diala

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