utan snus i 14 dagar försmäktar jag på denna ö

Hmmm, had just written a post when I had to check out the spelling for a word (licorice, how do you spell it, liquorice, licouriqe???!) when everything disappeared, not even saved as draft. Maybe it’s published, but am too afraid of changing windows now if it’d be gone again. Ah, doesn’t matter. Anyway, the whole point in checking out the spelling for licorice (?) is that we are now stocked up, thanks to james since he went to Sweden with the sole purpose to get me some last week (maybe not). And snus. I’m living with a constant worry of running out of snus. But for now, I’m all set. The only worrying thing is that our Zoegas is running out, I think we’ll have to go to the Swedish shop today or tomorrow to avoid the anti-christ.

The time is really flying by, I know everyone says it, but it’s so true. I’m in my 7th of 11 teaching weeks. It’s absolutely mad! And I still haven’t been to the theatres!! I can’t wait to go, there’s so much I want to see: Billy Elliot, Wicked, Matilda, The Lion Kind, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory etc etc etc… So much to do, so little time.

Anyway, me and jamsie-boy went to westminister the other day, it was really nice! And like, the weather is so lovely here! I know, not as lovely as I’m sure it is in like Australia or Jamaica or where other exchange students are, but it’s like mild and nice (except for the floodings…). Oh yeah, hah, speaking of floodings, the other week they closed down the Victoria line (the only tube line to brixton) due to ‘floodings’. You’ve might have heard it already, but the flooding was actually loads and loads of concrete which had leaked into the control room. Can you imagine?? Like how does it even happen in the first place. They worked with it all night and the line was up and running the following day, which is well impressive. Apparently was the key ingredient for the solution sugar. I don’t understand it, but am impressed nevertheless.

Some snap shots from the previous week (or, from one day last week)!


Good old Big Ben


James: “Did you get the London Eye and the statute?”

Me: “Yeah, it turned out well nice”



IMG_1985 IMG_1986  IMG_1988  IMG_1990

No, it’s not the best picture ever, but at least I got the guy in the hat.

Right, tonight I’m going to the choir with my gals. I really love it here in London, I want to stay forever. Am just gonna try to be employable and get an internship this autumn (oh the constant source of anxiety). It’ll work out. Oh yeah, tried to take some pictures of myself as I realised I don’t have any here. It didn’t turn out very well:

Bild 2014-02-18 kl. 11.44

I look sad and a bit like a boy.


Bild 2014-02-18 kl. 11.44 #2


Trying to look more feminine with my hair down, doesn’t work.

Instead, here’s a pick of me and james:

Bild 2013-09-30 kl. 15.28

*Forever together*



First month in London!

Oh yes, finally have I found myself some time to do some blogging!

I am studying at Kingston University here in London and have been here for some weeks now, I think it’s even getting closer to a month. Or actually, it’s over a month now when I’m thinking about it. The first two weeks were just ridiculously intense. I came on new years eve to celebrate with my best friends who just happen to live in London. These first couple of weeks were full of uni work (from Sweden since the semester ends in mid-jan) and flat hunting (due to being homeless). But it all worked out fine and I am no longer homeless as me and my boyfriend landed this wicked place in Brixton, I can still not really understand we got it! We share a house with a lovely couple (in their 60s), where they have renovated the middle floor for tenants, i.e., us. Which means that we have our own massive room, our OWN kitchen and our OWN bathroom! It’s so incredibly good. But yeah, if anyone is reading this and thinking about moving to London but is afraid of not being able to find somewhere to stay – don’t worry! You will find something, it’s honestly not so hard. Fair enough we had to up our budget quite drastically, but as long as you’re aware of the prices being much higher here (and the standard generally lower) you’re fine! I am so happy about living in Brixton as well, it takes a bit over an hour door-to-door to uni, so it’s well alright. And Brixton in itself is just too good.

Anyways, I know it’s so boring to read blogs without pictures, I for one anyway can’t seem to find the patience to read blog posts long as novels if there are no pictures attached. However, unfortunately I am so bad with taking photos, there never seems to be a good time to take a photo (even if I’m constantly holding with my phone). I’ve got one from my time in London so far:


As you can see, I’m not only a person who forgets to take pictures, but am also a very bad photographer. However, this is Brick Lane which is an every-sunday-market and fantastic if you’re interested in second hand shopping. And food.

I should probably tell you a bit about my uni as well. Kingston is well alright, there’s not many erasmus students (not in any modules I’m taking anyway) and, also, they have a fairly new system I think where their modules run over an entire year. Hence, I am starting modules that has already been running for one semester, which can to be honest feel a bit confusing (I was extremely confused the first weeks). It’s alright though, since they split the year into teaching bloc 1 and 2, so you don’t have to know anything of what they have done the previous semester (although I think it’s different depending on the tutor, I actually cancelled one module as I thought it seemed too dependent on the previous semester, and added another one – which I’m so happy to have done as I love the new one!). It could however, as well be a bit tricky to get to know the people in your course, as they have all been studying together for a good few months, and since there are not many visiting students. I don’t care about that though, I’m well happy to live in London. My best friends live here and my boyfriend has come with me, so I couldn’t ask for more. Another great thing is as well that it is so close to Sweden, as I know that if it would be that I really want to see my family, it is not too hard to do. And, in either case, Skype is like the best thing ever.

But yeah, I’m taking 4 modules, three of which I love and one which I don’t love, which run parallel, which is one reason of the confusion, but I get more and more used to it and am actually starting to really enjoy it. It’s fun as well to study something different! It has really made me well into reading anyway, since this is not something I would read in Malmö but that I think could be well useful in my degree. To be honest, the more I go to uni here, the more I enjoy it. Which is brilliant!

Alright, a brief introduction to my first month in London! Next time I will have more pictures. See you soon!