About Benjamin Winrow, Ida Mårtensson, Sanni Nieminen & Rodrigo de Souza

Benjamin, Ida, Sanni and Rodrigo are four Malmö students attending the INU Student Seminar on Global Citizenship and Peace in Hiroshima, Japan August 2015.

Summary of INU Student Seminar

Hej hej hallå!

Back in Sweden after 12 days in beautiful Japan! My name is Ida, I’m a political science student at Malmö University and I had the opportunity to attend the INU Student Seminar for Global Citizenship and Peace in Hiroshima this august.

The days in Japan were full of great experiences and the schedule was packed. Besides the academic part of the seminar, which included interesting workshops, lectures and a UN Role Play, we also did some cultural activities. Since the seminar took place on the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima we had the privilege to attend the Peace Memorial Ceremony. It was certainly a moving ceremony and I’m really grateful for the chance to witness it.

Throughout the whole seminar we had UN role play preparations and were divided into different country groups. My country group was Cuba and the task was to write and present an amendment to a UN Resolution on Gender, Peace and Security. There was a lot of negotiations and discussions amongst the countries to persuade the others to vote in favor on one’s own amendment.

Thus, the last day everybody was quite nervous about their amendments and the outcome of the Roleplay. But it was a lot of fun and all the countries played their parts really well and the Role Play turned out to be a very exciting event! Cuba’s amendment passed and we celebrated with our cheering ”Hasta la victoria siempre!”

After the Role Play we had a diploma ceremony with all the students and professors and later on we had a farewell dinner. The dinner was well deserved and it was great to be able to relax some after a very intense and exciting week. It was also a bit emotional and sad to know that it probably would be the last evening all of us would spend together in Japan. When you spend a lot of time together in a short period and with such great people it’s hard not to get a little bit emotional when it’s time to say good bye.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Miyajima Island

Miyajima Island

Presenting Cuba's amendement at the UN Role Play

Presenting Cuba’s amendment at the UN Role Play

Diploma Ceremony

Diploma Ceremony

For me, the best part of the seminar was to get to know students from all over the world, to have great discussions and get more perspectives on gender, peace and security. The INU Seminar is truly a great opportunity and I can recommend everyone to apply for next year’s Seminar. I learned so much during my time in Hiroshima and I’m so grateful for the possibility to attend. Don’t forget to apply for next year’s seminar!


Seminar, workshops, country groups and diplomacy…

After Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima centre and spending two days discovering the city and its history it was time for us to start workshops and preparation of roleplay. Before we arrived to Japan we were suppose to read articles connected with women’s rights, human rights and gender and then discuss about these issues in the workshops.

International groups made the discussion very interesting and made us realize how differently gender and women’s rights are understood in different countries and cultures. Daily life examples the participants shared with each other also showed the great variety of problems, concerns and developments in different countries.

UN roleplay, which we will have in our last day in Hiroshima, took also great start when people started to create alliances to make sure their interests would be secured in the roleplay. Country groups, separated to different classrooms, were walking around the building to meet other countries’ representatives, negotiating the terms of draft resolution and pointing out why some changes should be made to the draft. In the end of day people had made deals between countries, broke some previous cooperation and made compromises to make sure their priorities in international field would be secured by support of other states.

Although it feels that we just started the seminar, there will be only two days left in Hiroshima. During those days roleplay preparation, together with last workshop and guest lecture, will take all our time.


Photoblog from INU Student Seminar in Japan 2015

Hej everyone. My name is Rodrigo, and I’m a student of Peace and Conflict Studies at Malmö University.

This year, I had the immense opportunity to participate at the INU Student Seminar for Global Citizenship and Peace in Hiroshima, Japan.

INU is the International Network of Universities.

By belonging to this network, Malmö University has the chance to send some of its students, every year, to participate in different seminars in the city of Hiroshima in Japan.

If you would like to know more about INU and learn how can you have this amazing opportunity as well, please check this link: http://www.mah.se/english/About-Malmo-University/International/INU—International-Network-of-Universities/

So, saving on words but not in images, I will show you some pictures from the seminar…..

Preparing for the trip...

Preparing for the trip….

Spotting Mount Fuji from the plane...

Spotting Mount Fuji from the plane…

Arrived in Hiroshima!

Arrived in Hiroshima!

The crew of the gaffe, gaddered in front of the Memorial Monument in Hiroshima

Malmö University crew for the INU Student Seminar for Global Citizenship and Peace 2015, together at the Memorial Monument in Hiroshima

One of the original buildings of Hiroshima pre A-bomb

An original pre-atomic bomb building of Hiroshima and one of the symbols of the city

Shinzō Abe

Shinzō Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, during the commemorations of the 70 years since the  dropping of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima

Visiting Miyajima island with the "Brazilian" group

Visiting Miyajima Island with the “Brazilian” group

Traditional Japanese lunch with our local friends

Traditional Japanese lunch with our local friends

Deer at fsds island

Deer at Miyajima Island

Lantern Ceremony. Peace and Malmö University together

Lantern Ceremony. Peace and Malmö University together

Going back to the hotel after a long day...

Going back to the hotel after a long day…

Learning a bit of Japanese!

Learning a bit of Japanese!

Testimony of an Atomic Bomb victime

Testimony of an atomic bomb victim

Interviewed for the official video of the INU seminar 2015

Interviewed for the official video of the INU seminar 2015

Workshop with Malmö' University professor Dr Gunnhildur Magnusdottir

Workshop with Malmö University professor Dr Gunnhildur Magnusdottir

The crew again!!

The crew again!!

Malmö Högskola!!

Malmö Högskola!!


Model UN on the last day of the INU Seminar. Malmö’s crew again!


Final day and diploma ceremony for the INU Seminar 2015, Hiroshima, Japan.

Overall, the Seminar was a great experience. We had the opportunity to met students from 5 different continents and work together with them to achieve common goals.

Moreover, we attended amazing workshops that gave us new and challenging perspectives on gender, peace, security and the idea of Global Citizenship.

Finally, being in Hiroshima during the commemorations for the 70 years of the atomic bomb, was another priceless event and a reminder of how much we have progressed in the last few decades and how much more we have to work on.

I recommend to all my fellow student colleges to apply for the INU Seminar 2016 and have the same amazing experience as I did.

Do you have any questions about the INU Seminar? Please use the comments area below and we will be happy to answer your queries.


Best to you all,


Starting INU Student Seminar

After welcoming ceremony on Wednesday and delicious Japanese food there were not too many hours of sleep when we had to wake up around 5am to catch a bus to Hiroshima city at 5.50 on 6th of August. I never realized how big city Hiroshima is and how beautiful the surroundings are. Hills, green nature, the sun and morning fog were with us when buses full of INU students drove from Saijo, area where our hotel and University are, to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

In the park we had the chance to see the Peace Memorial Ceremony of Hiroshima. Although the ceremony was beautiful the whole park was so crowded and full of people that I felt that realizing in deeper sense what happened in Hiroshima 6th of August in 1945 at 8.15 o’clock is going to happen somewhere else than in there. Later in the evening there was lantern ceremony on the riverside where hundreds of lanterns on river lighted the place, reminding us about the ones who have passed away.

During the day I got to know my country group members better. All participants of the student seminar are divided for country groups for our UN roleplay in the last day of the seminar. Our group was amazing and with the help of the local students it was very easy to navigate around the city. We visited Hiroshima castle and we also got to taste Okonomiyaki, Hiroshiman style pancake with noodles, ham, egg and many other ingredients.

Next day, being almost as busy as previous one, was the second and last one we spent in the Hiroshima centre before starting the seminar workshops. We had a chance to visit Peace Memorial museum in Hiroshima and get information about the A- bomb and the victims of that day in 1945. In the afternoon we had amazing opportunity to listen two survivors who shared their memories and experiences with us. Both of them were young in the time of A-bomb and realizing how much that day affected to their whole life, for all the days in last 70 days, was good reminder how important next days’ workshops about peace are. For us and for everyone.