Australia – The place to be

So my dream became real. After almost 11 moths of preparations, motivation letters, using Google maps for locations on the other side of the planet and packing only one luggage for 5 months I was finally standing before the gate of Prague airport. I truly tried to imagine how it is going to be like. Who would ever expect that you can spend 30 hours flying in the air and then suddenly appear on the edge of the Earth?

Leaving Prague, Europe and winter

Australia is a hot and dry country. The temperature difference between Europe and the land ´down under´ at this time is almost 40°C so this was one of the first things that hit me after walking out from the airport in Melbourne. Australian sun and its strength is simply incredible. Especially after spending last few years in the south of Sweden where the sun does not show most of the year. The air smells differently, trees look taller, grass is less green, birds are noisier and cars drive on the left. I can honestly claim that my way from the airport to the campus of the La Trobe University was the most challenging ride I have ever experienced. And there was much more to come.Ride to the campus

After moving in the dormitory me and my two new japanese friends went to explore the campus. It seems to be huge, creating its own little and unique student town inside of a much bigger city. The whole area is surrounded by parks, lakes and basically australian wildlife living in it.

´Meeting tree in the middle of the campus´

There are animals I have never seen before and could not even imagine that exist. Cockatoos waking me up every morning, birds colourful more than all the crayons in my pencil case and long expected kangaroos, hopping in a nearby sanctuary. My first impressions of Australia were far from what I expected. I found out my imagination is limited more than I thought and there is so much to experience.