Sunday stroll i Rockcliffe

Inatt blev det sommartid här i Kanada! Och idag var det nästan varmt ute, i alla fall tillräckligt varmt för att ha vårkappan och skippa vantarna.

Blev en promenix i området Rockcliffe. Ett område där flera ambassadörer bor och andra personer som måste ha stora hus.

Mest välbevakade mansion: USAs ambassadörs samt Påvens sändebud (Kanske inte helt otippat)
Mest snötäckta mansion: Thailands ambassadörs



Ett Anne på Grönkulla hus. Gölligt!



Fina gatunamn.


Spring light komsikomsi!




Festligheter och en lång weekend i Krokobite.

Nu har jag försökt att uppdatera bloggen några gånger och internetet har svikit mig så jag tänker att vi gör det här inlägget kort och koncist.

Förra helgen var vi iväg på en lång weekend på en liten hippie resort. Det var jättemysigt och vi hade det mycket trevligt. Under dagarna låg vi vid stranden och besökte resturangen (de hade helt underbar mat). På lördagskvällen var det live musik och dans. På söndagen åkte större delen av gruppen hem, det var bara jag och Chris som stannade. Att bara vara två var annorlunda och skönt på något sätt. Vi hade bara varandra att ta hänsyn till. Även denna dagen spenderades i restaurangen och på stranden. Under kvällen satt vi och förtärde några drinkar och förberedde oss för en strandfest som universitetet anordnade på en resort i närheten. Festen var rolig men väldigt annorlunda emot dem svenska festerna.

Här nere i Ghana dricker man inte alls lika mycket alkohol som hemma i Sverige. Utan de flesta är nyktra när de går ut och dansar. Vilket jag kan förstå då kulturen är annorlunda och folk kan dansa utan att behöva dricka alkohol. Jag tror att många i Sverige väljer alkohol för att det hjälper en att slappna av och bjuda mer på sig själv. Om ni söker på Youtube: asonto och alkyida så kan ni få en aning om hur man dansar här nere i Ghana.

Nu till lite bilder. Kort och koncist blev väl lite sådär?




Felizitas, jag och Shay.


Big Milly’s.


Big Milly’s.


Gruppen på Big Milly’s.


Chris och Jag.




Toaletten och duschen var utomhus. Det fanns väggar och golv men inget tak ;).


Big Milly’s.


Big Milly’s.


Big Milly’s.


Big Milly’s.


Big Milly’s.



Crazy Korea – Finding my feet

WOW… I think that’s the word I’ve used must since coming to Seoul, Korea! It is and alltogether mindblowing experience….

It’s been about a week and a half since I landed in Incheon airport and got picked up by the amazing KUBA team. KUBA is the Korea University BuddyAssistance and they are a thrill to be around. Just today my group, Group 5 (since there are so many exchange students they’ve had to divide us into 8 groups) went out to lunch and coffee and some of them helped me get my books and my buddy Sandra (Seola in Korea) took me out to dinner. She even invited me home to her parents next week 🙂 There are so many events and good times and they are all extremely fun, welcoming and interested in getting to know us all and our cultures.

Although people have been really great, it’s still been quite a change and there has been ups and downs. Coming here is extremely overwhelming since the language, writing and culture is completely different and there is a big language barrier since most Koreans don’t speak English! It is difficult finding out what food is what and how to get around etc. There is a lot of respect surrounding age and all Koreans will ask your age as well as your name when you meet them, so they can call you by the right name – sister or brother if you’re older. Drinking is huge and soju and beer is the preferred beverage. Soju is a rice wine (19% so not quite as strong as other spirits) and drinking games are often involved when drinking soju shots. You never pour for yourself and you should receive your glass (or anything really) with both hands out of respect – especially from people older than you. There is a big culture concerning couples and having a girlfriend/boyfriend is very popular. You will see them holding hands and being very couplely, but you will never see them kiss!! Even hugging your guy friends is considered too sexual. It is confusing coming from Denmark (Sweden) where people will be hugging everyone first time they meet almost and couples will be kissing on every corner.
It is difficult getting it all right, however once you get a hang of it and have some people to lean on, it helps and gets to be more of an adventure than a challenge. Also the KUBA members are more flexible with our slip ups as foreigners and don’t take the traditions all too serious, so that helps.

Korea University is a beautiful place! The campus is amazing to walk around and you get the real college experience for sure. There is so much pride and spirit surrounding the university and everyone will be wearing jackets, sweaters or t-shirts with the school logo on it – a tiger. Yesterday we went to an event for the freshmen students at KU to learn how to cheer properly. It was one of the craziest experiences in my life! There were maybe 5000 students at the stadium – the Tiger Dome – all dancing, screaming, singing along, cheering. It was absolutely amazing! You couldn’t help but get captured by the spirit and it wasn’t long till we all sang along as best we could not having the slightest idea what was being said.

Since coming here I have been quite homesick, but mainly since it takes time to meet people and the evenings can be somewhat lonely. Also when classes start it feels like starting all over because the exchange students and KUBA buddies I’ve met are in different classes and majors. That can be tough – I’m not gonna lie! But that’s when I know I have my family and boyfriend to lean on and it’s amazing feeling like you can get the best of both worlds that way! They have been so supporting and for me that’s been the most important thing and gives me the energy to get out there again and be social and outgoing for the 100th time that day 🙂 It is draining but so worth it!

I think the best lesson I’ve learned so far is to remember that all the other exchange students are in the same boat as you! Do not be afraid to ask them or the buddies for advice because someone will know what to do and if not you can at least figure it out together!

Generally feeling uptimistic and excited to learn more about this amazing city, country and people!

Until next time…

First week of uni (and some more) done!

My first week of uni has gone by, and three days of the second week, and it feels as if it went by quickly at the same time as the days felt really long last week. In Sweden we usually study one subject full time for about a month and then have an exam – in Australia you study four different subjects at the same and have smaller exams regularly and then usually a bigger exam towards the end (something like our “salstenta”) or a bigger essay.
Another big difference is that you don’t have any time of school to write your exams – they have to be done at the same time as you go to lectures and tutorials, which might be a bit stressful. So far I am looking forward to all of my exams but perhaps I will regret that when the exam days come…

Besides being busy with school I have finally found a new place to stay, since I could only stay at my last place temporarily. During orientation week the ACU staff said that exchange students usually feel a bit down for a week or two, due to the new environment and all of the things you have to organize with school, housing and other things, but that it pass after a while. These two, three weeks have been a bit hard for me since I knew that I had to find a new place to stay but kept on getting “no” for an answer from all of the rooms I looked at. Almost everybody I met wanted the person moving in to stay at least six months, which wasn’t working for me since the semester is about four months. Anyway, I finally found a great house (and great house mates!) about three days before I had to move out of my old one. Now I really can enjoy my semester in Melbourne and do things without feeling guilty since I’m not sitting in front of the computer scrolling through all of the Gumtree ads…

A few of the things I’ve been doing since my room hunting was over; checking out all of the vintage stores (there’s too many dresses perfect for me! And too little baggage space left…), writing letters to Sweden and going to the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, which was really interesting (several european artists had made video installations with different concepts).




To the uni and back…in pictures

Exactly the same

Exactly the same


Human - drawn lines

Human – drawn lines

Morning dusk

Morning dusk




St. James Park Stadium - shows just how loyal to football the English are

St. James Park – shows just how loyal to football the English are

So, quite recently I managed to wake up before my alarm clock went off. I had a 9 p.m. lecture and set off around 20 minutes earlier than I was supposed to, so, instead of wasting my time doing nothing useful, I took my camera with me and took pictures on my way to the uni and back. What you see above is what came out of it.


P.S. When I was taking the third picture, two people came up to me, showed me their police badges and strongly advised me not to carry my camera in my hands as much as possible because of how criminal the area is. They were actually undercover ! And how nice of them 🙂

Art is in..

.. Bakery! Igår spanade jag och en kompis in ett fik som jag hade fått nys om (minns ej var!). Det visade sig att det låg på ett litet industriområde i stadsdelen Preston. Upp på en lastkaj och in genom en dörr och sedan öppnade sig en värld av härligheter. Vi slog till på en monster munk samt en triple chocolate cookie. Makalöst gott! Fiket gör också mackor som såg helt fantastiska ut, får prova det när det våras och det är picknick dags.




Den vackra utsikten över industrilandskapet i snöfall..




Art is in Bakery
250 City Centre Avenue, Unit 112






Nya tider vad det gäller träningen! Hos Bikram Ottawa blir kroppen både uppvärmd och flexibel – mycket välbehövligt efter denna kalla vinter!

De har en introduction deal där man får träna så mycket man vill under 1 månad för $ 40 (incl. tax), alltså ca 230 kr. Not bad, not bad at all!

3rd floor – 71 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5N2

Namaste /Johanna