Seminar: Remaking Housing Policy – An International Study

Professor David Clapham, presenting his new book Remaking Housing Policy – An International Study. The seminar will take place: Thursday October 25th 10-12 in Niagara B1 (Bottom level).

David Clapham is a professor of Planning at the University of Reading, in the process of moving to Scotland. Clapham is an internationally renowned housing researcher with a broad repertoire. Apart from this recently published book, Clapham has also contributed with texts on theories in housing research, co-operative solutions in housing, issues of distribution and a range of other questions related to housing.

The book “Remaking Housing policy” is an international analysis of housing policy focusing on neoliberalism and the idea of a neoliberal housing regime.

“Starting from first principles, readers are guided through the objectives behind government housing policy interventions, the tools and mechanisms deployed and the outcomes of the policy decisions. A range of international case studies from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas illustrate the book’s general principles and demonstrate how different regimes influence policy.” from Routledge’s description. Remaking Housing Policy – a preview (pdf)

Josef Chaib nails doctoral thesis

Welcome to a “spikning” of Josef Chaib’s doctoral thesis titled Evidence, Expertise and ’Other’ Knowledge. Governing Welfare Collaboration. As a doctoral student at the Department of Global Political Science, Josef Chaib has been researching collaborations in public administration. His thesis is part of a VR-funded research project.

When & where:
Friday September 21 at 15.15
Niagara building’s ground floor by the A elevators

Josef Chaib’s public defense will be held on October 12.
More information about the public defense.

Välkommen till panelsamtal om utbildning och arbete för framtidens humanister på Bokmässan 2018

Humtank bjuder till till panelsamtal på årets bokmässa i Göteborg. 

Med utgångspunkt i Humtanks två kommande rapporter om arbetslivsanknytning och nya former för humanistisk utbildning för panelen ett modererat samtal om framtiden för svensk humaniora. Några av de frågor som kommer dryftas är: Bör humaniorautbildningar vid svenska lärosäten förändras och i så fall hur? I vilken mån bör humaniora anpassa sig för arbetsmarknaden och på vilket sätt? Vilka trender ser ni vid era egna lärosäten vad gäller utbildning och arbetslivsanknytning? 

Tiden är 15:00 till 17:00, fredagen den 28/9 och platsen T302 på Gamla hovrätten, GU. I direkt anslutning till panelsamtalet kommer årets Humtankpris att delas ut, årets pristagare är Lisbeth Larsson och Maria Sjöberg vid Göteborgs universitet för deras arbete med Svenskt kvinnobiografiskt lexikon.

Jury har bestått av Petra Ragnerstam, lektor i kulturvetenskap (Malmö universitet); Sofia Wijkmark, docent i litteraturvetenskap (Karlstads universitet) och Roine Viklund, lektor i teknikhistoria (Luleå tekniska universitet). Alla tre från Humtank.

PhD-seminar on activism as a pathway of migrant emplacement

Welcome to the 90% seminar of Christina Hansen, PhD-student at the departments of Urban Studies and Global Political Studies. The seminar title is Solidarity in diversity: Activism as a pathway of migrant emplacement.

When & where:
Tuesday, September 18, at 12.15-14.00 in Niagara, room NIC0826.

Opponent is Margit Mayer of Freie University Berlin. The Internal reading group includes Diana Mulinari (Lund University), Carina Listerborn (Urban Studies, Malmö University) and Christina Johansson (Global Political Studies, Malmö University).

The dissertation manuscript has been circulated among the colleagues affiliated with MUSA programme. Other interested colleagues who plan to participate in the seminar can receive it at request either from Christina ( or from her PhD supervisor Maja Povrzanović Frykman.

GPS welcomes group of new research interns

The Department of Global Political Studies welcomes a group of seven research interns, who will be here for the duration of the semester. A research internship is a good option within the 2-year Master’s programmes at GPS. Most of the interns will be sitting on the 10th floor in Niagara.

Pictured from left to right:
Henrik Johnsrud Odden, Master’s programme in Political Science at Lund University. Involved in projects at Caucasus Studies/RUCARR. Supervisor is Karina Vamling.

Matias Castrén. Involved in The Dialogue Among Civilisations Project (DACP). Supervisor is Ane Kirkegaard.

Olga Matsarina, Master’s programme in Global Politics and Societal Change. Involved in the project Is the European trade justice movement losing its ‘European’ identity? The impact of rising nationalism on civil society alliance formation. Supervisor is Michael Strange.

Siavosh Bigonah. Involved in The Dialogue Among Civilisations Project (DACP). Supervisor is Ane Kirkegaard.

Kanwal Ahmad, Master’s programme in International Migration and Ethnic Relations. Involved in a project for the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). Supervisor is Anne Sofie Roald.

Zoë Korten, Master’s programme in International Migration and Ethnic Relations. Involved in three different research projects in Peace and Conflict Studies. Supervisor is Kristian Steiner.

Samir Salimzade, Master’s programme in Global Politics and Societal Change. On a Swedish Institute scholarship. Involved in projects at Caucasus Studies/RUCARR. Supervisor is Bo Petersson.

Dalai Lama will visit Malmö University this week

On September 13, the Dalai Lama will visit Malmö University to present a conversation and lecture on secular ethics. The event is by invitation only but will be streamed online and on Facebook. The Dalai Lama’s visit to Malmö University takes place in connection to the 80th anniversary of the Swedish development organisation IM Swedish Development Partner.

You can stream the lecture live on September 13, 8.45-10.15.