Charlotte Asbjørn Sörensen: Moral and Temporal Aspects of the New Material Taxonomy

Welcome to a K3 seminar with Charlotte Asbjørn Sörensen, Lecturer in Product Design at K3. The title of the talk is:

Moral and Temporal Aspects of the New Material Taxonomy

It will be held on Wednesday, November 8, at 10.15-12.00 in the K3 Open Studio (NIC 0541, Niagara).

Here is an abstract for the talk:

We all surrounded by materials in our everyday life. Most of the time we take them for granted without contemplating on what role they play. I choose to see materials are active agents in a complex interplay between form, function and the experience of an object. Today we grow materials, we engineer smart materials and designers create their own materials in MDD-processes. How does that effect our approach to materials as designers, consumers and as teachers/researchers at K3? How do we introduce materials and materiality to our students at K3? Does interaction design look at smart materials as technical The fast consumption of materials in relation to limited resources have challenged the temporal side of materials. Can we create sustainable materials that allow fast consumption? What moral aspects do we encounter in such a design process?


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