Spring 2016

February 3 at 15.15-17.00

Nikita Mazurov, postdoc at Living Archives/K3: Developing a Hacker Methodology. Praxes of Data Liberation as Archival Preservation 

Room: NIC 0826

February 8 at 12.15-14.00

Mahmoud Keshavarz, PhD in Interaction Design, K3: Passports, Camps and Borders. The Material Articulations of Design-Politics (90 percent seminar)

Room: NIC 0826

February 17 at 15.15-17.00

Anuradha Reddy, PhD student in Interaction Design, K3: Material Circumstances. An Investigation Into an Internet of Things

Room: NIC 0826

March 3 at 15.15-17.00

Annette Hill, professor of Media and Communication Studies, Lund University: Spectrum of Engagement: Producers and Audiences of The Bridge Television Drama

Room: NIC 0826

March 16 at 15.15-17.00

Henrik Svarrer Larsen, senior lecturer in Interaction Design, K3: Engaging Designs and Design Engagements

Room: NIC 0502 (Glocal Classroom)

March 22 at 13.15-15.00

Jacek  Smolicki, PhD student in Interaction Design: Personal Archiving Practices in the Times of Capture Culture (50 percent seminar) 

Room: NIC 0826

March 30 at 15.15-17.00

Åsa Harvard Maare, senior lecturer in Design, K3: Designing for Peer Learning

Room: NIC 0826

April 13 at 10.15-13.00

Luca Simeone, PhD student in Interaction Design, K3: Translational Processes and Academic Entrepreneurship in Design Labs (90 percent seminar)

Room: NIC 0502 (Glocal Classroom)

April 13 at 15.15-17.00

Susan Kozel, professor of New Media, K3: Living Archives. Enhancing the Role of the Public Archive by Performing Memory, Open Data Access, and Participatory Design

Room: NIC 0826

The seminar will Susan Kozel has been postponed.

April 19 at 10.15-12.00

Zachary Thomas Dodson, professor of Practice, Aalto University, Helsinki: Visual Narratives

Room: NIC 0502 (Glocal Classroom)

April 27 at 15.15-17.00

Marit Stub Nybelius, PhD student in Sport Sciences, Malmö University: De nordiska skidgrenarnas sportifiering och medialisering

Room: NIC 0826

May 11 at 15.15-17.00

Parvin Ardalan, media activist, Erling Björgvinsson, professor of Design, University of Gothenburg, and Anders Høg Hansen, senior lecturer in Media and Communication Studies: Amendments and Frames. The Women 100 Movement and Malmö History

Room: NIC 0826

May 18 at 15.15-17.00

Örecomm seminar:

Marco Zoppi, PhD student, Roskilde University: Horizons of Security: Welfare and Social Security among the Somalis in Scandinavia

Erliza López Pedersen, PhD student in Media and Communication Studies, Malmö University: Voices and Performances: Transnational Radio Streaming and Community Practices

Room: NIC 0502 (Glocal Classroom)

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