Seminar Series Fall 2023

Aug 30 14-16 (note the different time!!!)
Hugo Boothby
Final thesis seminar Listening in Relation: Sound Work as Political Action. The discussant  be Alison Gerber, Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Lund University

Sept 6 13-15
Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt
Another Year, another research application – What did go wrong with the last one? What kind of support would you need for this round? 

Sept 13 13-15
Joshka Wessels
Empathy for the other? Immersive video ethnography and arts-based participatory methods for migration and integration research 

Sept 20 13-15
Maria Lantz (adjunct professor)
Speaking from experience: artistic research – what is it? Why, and for Whom? Some examples and discussions from the field of contemporary art. 

Sept 27 13-15
Medea Lab
Tender Time: The Production of a Multimedia Installation

Oct 4 13-15
Design unit (TBC)
Design? Research? What do we mean by that in K3? (TBC)

Oct 11 13.00-15.00
Mats Ekström
TRAIN supervisory seminars on the topic of compilation PhD theses – Kappan. Seminar on a different Zoom, aimed at TRAIN supervisors

Oct 18 13-15
Hadas Zohar, visiting doctoral student, Aalborg University Copenhagen
Participatory visual mapping as a way to support pluriversal perspectives in urban transformation projects (hybrid).

Oct 25  13-15
Martin Djupdraet, visiting doctoral student, Copenhagen Business School
Museum and identity, developing a method of analysis (hybrid).

Nov  1 13-15
Magnus Nilsson
Precarity, precariousness and precarious lives in contemporary Scandinavian literature (hybrid)

Nov 8
No seminar, instead – Joint KS day

Academic knowledge environments (akademiska kunskapsmiljöer)

Nov 15 13-15
Carl Chineme Okafor, visiting doctoral student, University of Stavanger, Norway
Dimensions of data quality for value in smart cities datafication process.
This seminar in hybrid!

Nov 22 13-15
Fredrik Mohammadi Norén

The UNESCO Courier – An international magazine, a historical source, and a corpus of text data
This seminar in hybrid!

Nov 22 15-17
Michaela Django Walsh
Towards a reimagining of the US/Mexico border: migrant solidarity and cultural forms of resistance
This seminar in hybrid!

Nov 29 13-15
Emilia Bergmark
Skills seminar. Working in the riso-lab, what is the riso lab, what work has been done in the riso lab. How do we work in the riso-lab. Presentation followed by a possible workshop/tutorial with Emilia,

Nov 30 14-16
Gunnar Krantz
Seriestaden 25 år. Från digital eufori till det analogas återkomst. 
This seminar takes place in Malmö Konsthall’s hörsal; it will be in Swedish and will be streamed via Zoom: