Seminar Series Fall 2022

 K3 seminar series will be taking place in K3 studio. The format will be a hybrid, online or offline, depending on the preference of the presenters. All titles are preliminary 😊

September 7


Making time to do research – strategies for micro research

Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Charlotte Asbjörn, Simon Neiedenthal.

September 14 14.15-16.00

Another year, another research application: Building resilient strategies of writing research applications. The seminar is hybrid.

September 21

14.15-16.00 Anuradha Reddy: Making workshop: Drawing with AI (In collaboration with Data Society research programme) The seminar is hybrid.

September 22

13.15-15.00 Anuradha Reddy (with colleagues): Making workshop: Writing (monsters) with AI (In collaboration with Data Society research programme)

September 27

10.15-12.00 Jakob Svensson (with Anders Larsson, Emil Edenborg and Cecilia Strand) Uganda project research seminar (In collaboration with Data Society research programme)

September 28

Full day around issues of artistic research

10-12 Maria Hellström Reimer: with ENSAD/École Nationale Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs discussing among other things .able journal

14-17 Oscar Hemer and Lucy Cathcart Frödén: series of presentations and activities with research project Conviviality and Contamination

More information:

October 5

14.15-16.00: Maria Engberg: Reality Media: Augmented and Virtual Reality (In collaboration with Data Society research programme)

October 12

14.15-16.00: Comic Hub

October 13  

19-12 Johan Farkas 90% seminar

13.15-15.00 TBC: Saadia Ishtiaq Nauman, a visiting researcher from Pakistan (In collaboration with the Data Society research programme)

October 19

14.15-16.00: Leila Papoli Yazdi: “Garbology”

October 26

14.15-16.00: Andrea Teresa Angulo Granda – visiting PhD student from the University of Pompeu Fabra talks about her research on youth and music and digital platforms

November 2

14.15-16.00: Rosie Priest – visiting PhD student from Stirling: Impacts of Collaborative visual Art Practices on Young People: A Cultural Policy Gap

November 9

14.15-16.00: Tina Askanius, Jakob Svensson and Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt: ”What is wrong with this application”

We will share our experiences as reviewers for different funding bodies to show what works and what does not work in writing research applications that get funding.

November 16

14.15-16.00: Berndt Clavier

November 23 – K3 planning day

November 30

14.15-16.00: Anna Seravalli “What I wish I knew when I started to collaborate in research: a dialogue (sort of)”

December 14

14.15-16.00: Linda Austin: Islands as sites for research