Ewan Fernie: Shakespeare and Freedom

Welcome to a seminar with Ewan Fernie, Chair of Shakespeare Studies, University of Birmingham. The title of the seminar is:

Shakespeare and Freedom

It will be held on Wednesday, November 1, at 13.00-15.00. Please note that it will be held at Intiman, Malmö Stadsteater, Östra Rönneholmsvägen 20.

Abstract for the seminar:

“So why does Shakespeare matter? I want to suggest, in this article, that he matters because he can teach us to be free, by which I mean that he can inspire us to live fuller, more expressive lives, both as individuals and as a society. Shakespeare can do this because his characters give us vital, unforgettable examples of that freedom. Whether we meet them on the page or on the stage, on celluloid or on YouTube – and whether we encounter them in the original English or in translation – Hamlet and Juliet, Macbeth and Cleopatra, Falstaff and Rosalind, as well as countless other of Shakespeare’s memorable creations demonstrate a freedom to be themselves that can help us to change our own lives for the better.”

“Some of the most canny and charismatic freedom fighters in our history have also recognised and made their own, more political use of Shakespearean freedom”.

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