Two new Formas research projects

Congratulations to Karin Grundström, Urban Studies.

Karin Grundström (project leader) has received a Formas Research and Development Grant to carry out the project Sharing Housing in Times of Housing Inequality. The aim of the research is to investigate housing inequality by analysing why and how, privileged and precarious groups respectively, are sharing housing. It is grounded in the increase in sharing housing among the large number of singletons in the metropolitan areas. The prevalence of sharing will be mapped and six case studies will be selected in Malmö and Stockholm for further analysis. The project has a budget of 2.9 million SEK and is a collaboration with Martin Grander from Malmö University, and, Irene Molina and Karin Back from the Institute for Housing and Urban Research (IBF) at Uppsala University. In addition, the project has an international advisory board and a national reference group in support of the research.

Karin Grundström is also project leader of Revisiting Allmänningar and Stråk. Spatial Justice in the 21st Century Land Regime that has received 7.2 million SEK within the Formas call Sustainable Living Environments. The aim of the project is to investigate spatial justice by analysing usage and planning of allmänningar and stråk [pathways], i.e. public spaces that connect urban and rural environments and socio-economically and ethnically segregated neighbourhoods. The project will evolve in close collaboration with users, artists, the three municipalities of Malmö, Lund and Staffanstorp, and, national and international research- and teaching environments. One main method is mapping and the project will conclude with an exhibition of maps produced throughout the research project. The project members include Peter Parker and Martin Grander at Malmö University, David Pinder from Roskilde University, Ander Larsson from SLU Alnarp and Cecilia Wendt who is an independent artist. 

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