February 3. Annika Olsson: Representation. Voices. Democracy.

Welcome to a K3 seminar with Annika Olsson, Head of K3 and Docent (Associate Professor) in Comparative Literature.

The title of the seminar is Representation. Voices. Democracy.

This will be an online seminar, carried out through Zoom, and it will take place on Wednesday, February 3 at 10.15-12.00. Please join here: https://mau-se.zoom.us/j/65367307806?pwd=TzNxVlVBdWpkb3V3L3h2RTIzVzFQdz09.

Here is an abstract for the seminar:

Almost on the day (Jan 26th) 100 years after the decision in the Swedish Parliament that women should have the right to vote in Sweden, I will talk about the research that I have done and the research I am doing and how it is connected to representation, voices and democracy. I will reflect upon the multiple functions of representation (symbolic, political, artistic) and how representation in different ways is related to democracy, voices and bodies as well as to everyday practices in arenas central to our contemporary democracies, not least the public sphere and Academia. I will return to the key question in my PhD-thesis (Att ge den andra sidan röst) – the huge difference between giving a voice and being a voice in the public sphere – and I will use examples from on-going research (article on the Swedish tidskrift Puss and a book on Public Intellectuals in Sweden) to say something about 1) representations that are viewed as problems in democracies and 2) representation as a challenge in and to democracies.

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