Saskia Gullstrand, Li Jönsson, Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl: Un/making pollination through graphical visualisations

Welcome to a K3 seminar with Saskia Gullstrand, Lecturer in Comics, K3, Li Jönsson, Associate Senior Lecturer in Design, K3, Kristina Lindström, Senior Lecturer in Product Design, K3, and Åsa Ståhl, Senior Lecturer in Design, Linnaeus University.

The title of the seminar is Un/making pollination through graphical visualisations

This will be an online seminar, carried out through Zoom, and it will take place on Wednesday, November 4 at 10.15-12.00. Please join here:

Below you will find an abstract and three pictures that it would be good if you had available during the seminar.


Reports, observations, predictions and speculation tell us stories about a limited future. In the project Un/Making Pollination we have engaged in one particular prediction of a thin future: the alarming loss of pollinators, and along with that many of our present times fruits, vegetables, berries and more that we take for granted today.

How do these (often) thin predictions and speculations of the future influence the way we act in the present and the here and now? How do they influence how we relate to, prepare for, and intervene into the future?

In this seminar we will discuss these questions through a series of public engagement events that approach these matters of concerns through different material engagements and expressions. This includes enacting appetizer recipes, the making of hand-pollination tools and narration through poetic comics.

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