Anuradha Reddy: Engaging Design with the Internet of Things

Welcome to a K3 seminar with Anuradha Reddy, PhD candidate in Interaction Design. It will be held on Wednesday, April 26, 10.15-12.00, in The Open Studio on the fifth floor of Niagara (Room NIC 0541).

The title of the talk is: 

Engaging Design with the Internet of Things


IoT is currently a major force in the way technologies are entering into our homes and becoming deeply integrated into our lives. Drawing from studies in co-design, HCI and STS, I bring forth a practice-oriented perspective of technology-use by placing my focus on the participation of assemblages of humans, animals, devices, settings and environments through which practices are carried out. HCI in the past has significantly explored the home as a site for computing, where emphasis has been laid on what it means to live in a home that is shared, loaded and contested. As more and more aspects of our mundane lives interact with the outside world, it becomes crucial to explore how we might leverage from IoT’s complex capacities and begin to engage with technologies in a meaningful manner. It demands an understanding that ‘living’ does not simply take place inside the four walls of a home but that it constantly shifts between various sites of socio-material practices. The proposed research is an exploration at the intersection of people and their material practices to develop new forms of engagement through IoT-based interaction design practice. 

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