On the Logics of Academic Article Writing

Welcome to a K3 seminar on the Logics of Academic Article Writing. Academic work is increasingly focused on the writing of articles for international peer-reviewed journals. Given this, how do you decide which journals to aim for, and how should you think about the writing of such articles in order for them to not only be accepted but also read?

At the seminar, initially Susan Kozel and Jakob Svensson will share their experiences of writing in this particular genre, and we will then open for a discussion inviting all participants to share their thoughts on how to conduct this kind of academic work. On December 12, we will have a follow up workshop devoted to discussing concrete ideas for articles that participants may have. So if you are working on an academic article, or are planning to do so, these two occasions could be very useful!

As a bonus, on Wednesday Aron Lindhagen from the university library will talk a bit about open access journals and impact factors. He will also describe the support the library can give article writers.

The seminar will take place on October 24 at 10.15-12.00 in the K3 Open Studio,  NIC 0541, Niagara.

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