Welcome to the launch of Rethinking democracy (REDEM)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We would like to invite all interested MaU researchers to attend the launch and informal presentation of one of Malmö University’s new research platforms, ‘REDEM – Rethinking Democracy’. The event will take place in the common area on the 7th floor at 2pm on January 22nd 2019.

REDEM is a platform and launchpad for addressing critical and open-ended questions related to democracy: the history of democracy, the contemporary crisis of liberal and electoral democracy, the future of democracy and possible ways of rethinking democracy and civic engagement that may go beyond traditional institutions to consider democracy in everyday contexts.

We want to emphasise that REDEM is to be inclusive, open to all colleagues at Malmö University, and should be seen as a vehicle to help us form new collaborations towards both joint research and events that help us better understand contemporary democratic practices and thought.

The platform will run for three years as a launchpad for bigger activities, with the first year focused on putting together a series of funding applications. In advance of drawing up the 2019 workplan, we’d like to build up a list of persons who would like to somehow be part of the platform and its future activities.

Everybody is warmly welcome and we hope to see many colleagues there who want to help shape the platform and future research in this area.

Tina Askanius (K3), Derek Hutcheson (GPS), and Michael Strange (GPS)

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