Inside the mind of a professor: Digital parenting

How can social media be used to create new norms? Parents of children with disabilities often experience that their understanding of what is considered normal differs from other families’ perceptions. It can be easier to share triumphs and challenges, that may otherwise be difficult to express, in a private Facebook group. In such groups, parents find a community in which the framework for what is considered normal can be expanded. The Facebook group becomes a sum of imagined possibilities. Pille PruulmannVengerfeldt is Professor in Media and Communications at Malmö UniversityShe is also a parent of a child with disabilities. Among other topics, her research explores how social media can be used to support parents of children with disabilities.

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Where: Restaurant Niagaras cafe 2nd floor, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1 

Doors open at 4.30 PM. Beer/wine/coffe/the and snacks will be available for sale. The lecture takes place between 5-6 PM.

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