Dr Temi Odumosu – Inside the Crooked Room: Visual politics of slavery and its legacies


Dr Temi Odumosu is an art historian, writer and creative educator, with a passion for bringing to light hidden histories, and using art as a tool for building bridges of cultural understanding. Her PhD thesis at the University of Cambridge explored the representation of African characters in British satirical  and comic prints during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Her research and curatorial work investigates how images frame and participate in identity politics and more broadly explores the relationship between history, cultural heritage and collective memory. Recently she has been working collaboratively with geneticists and other scientists on the effects of the transatlantic slave trade on African health, disease patterns and wider population ancestry. Temi is committed to facilitating public engagement with history and culture, and seeks to participate in collective efforts towards social change by working with artists, scholars and technology innovators to bring transformative learning solutions to life.


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