New book: Integrating Gender into Transport Planning

  • Integrates gender research and transport planning
  • Highlights the need to acknowledge the political within transport planning and transport practice
  • Combines quantitative and qualitative gender research perspectives and methods

“This edited collection brings together feminist research on transport and planning from different epistemologies, with the intention to contribute to a more holistic transport planning practice. With a feminist perspective on transport policy and planning, the volume insists on the political character of transport planning and policy, and challenges gender-blindness in a policy area that impacts the everyday lives of women, men, girls, and boys. The chapters discuss everyday mobility as an embodied and situated activity in both conceptual and theoretical ways and suggest practical tools for change.” Quote from the publishing house Springer.

The authors

Integrating Gender into Transport Planning is edited by Christina Scholten, Senior Lecturer for the Department of Urban Studies, Malmö University, Sweden and Tanja Joelsson, Senior Lecturer of Child and Youth Studies at the Department of Education, Uppsala University, Sweden. Christina Scholten is also affiliated to K2 – Swedish Knowledge Centre for Public Transport.


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