Happy 1 month!

As the rain passes by and the sun is afriad to show, we’re sitting here realising. 1 month has passed. The days are everyone passing by and we’re all starting to live a new life in a new reality. Still, 1 month after arrival I can have a hard time understanding that I’m actually here.

Even though I most of the time understands that I’m here, I can still pinch my arm to see if everything that’s happening is for real. And it is. From the first moment i open up my eyes every day to the moment I close my eyes to go to sleep. It’s kind of amazing to be here!

But, even the good things have it’s dark places. Sometimes the dark clouds are dragging in over your mood. These dark clouds affects your mood for the day. I can’t speak for everyone else, but my dark clouds are the home sickness. Maybe it’s just 2 hours flight to get back to sweden, and England is a pretty good country. There is homesickness. The things that you are used with. Walking around in a ICA and can find everythings place. Cook whatever you want. Sleep in your own cosy and comfortable bed. Have the oppurtunity to call who ever you want whenever you want. And have your second half close to you.

BUT, as the life passes on, I’m starting to realize: My life here is pretty good! I have my friends, from all around the world. The Cathedral, the place that makes me calm and get me enjoy the things I love. Every trips we do, from Sherwood forest to Bristol. The things that makes me laugh! Worcester is from now on a part of me.

1 month has passed, 1 month with both happiness and sadness, 1 month where I found friends for a lifetime!

We celebrated 1 month both wednesday and yesterday. Wednesday with italian dinner at a restaurant in town and later on quiztime at a bar. And yesterday we where out partying. I can say one thing: Jägerbombs are scary things! But I’ve had so much fun and I’m gonna enjoy every day until it’s time to go back to sweden! 😀 <3

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Until Next Time


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