INU Summer School – Sunday August 9th

Today’s theme was “Strategic decision-making”. We had a lecture about game theory, basically it is about optimizing the success of your goals and minimizing the mistakes. Our professor introduced us to different games to see if we were able to calculate and choose the best outcome in some situations. The winners were awarded Japanese candy. Japanese candy is definitely different from western-style candy. We have at least never seen – or tasted – seaweed candy before…

At 11.02 we had a minute of silence in memorial of the victims of the second atomic bombing in Nagasaki. Hiroshima was the first city to be attacked and perhaps that is why Hiroshima often is mentioned more often when speaking of the atomic bombings, but the devastation of Nagasaki was just as severe as in Hiroshima.

In the afternoon we started to engage in fierce preparations for the upcoming role-play until late at night in the lobby of our hotel. While our Master’s students group was divided into two sub groups representing the USA and Russia, the undergraduate seminar students became representatives of nine other countries such as DRC, Sweden or Cuba.

Russia group work

The fun part about getting started with the preparations was definitely to sketch out first allies among the different groups of the undergraduate students, plot plans and to twist arguments and facts until they fitted our “national interests”. The latter was a task that was not always easy considering the fact that we were supposed to represent two extremely powerful countries with very distinct and, let’s say, sometimes questionable agendas.

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