INU Summer School – Saturday August 8th

This day started with an hour discussion around the past days. All events and the visit to the museum and the memorial ceremony had affected everyone deeply and stirred up a lot of feelings. The keynote lecture about “Peace and Security – What We Can Do For Tomorrow” by Mr. Tsuneo Nishida, the Director of the Institute of Peace Science at HU, gave complementary input and another opportunity for us to ask questions and reflect on the things we had learned and experienced the last few days.

During the rest of the day the lectures and a second mock-conference session were focusing on the second core theme of the summer school “Responsibility and Justice in Global Politics”. We also tried a Japanese game called Kendama, very difficult game to play. The Japanese students made it look very easy. Even though the rest of us got rather mixed results, we had a lot of fun playing it.

kendama1 kendama


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