INU Summer School – Monday August 10th

The theme of the day was the case of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). The lectures were mainly concerned with human rights in and between these nations. Several interesting student papers were presented during the day with different takes on ASEAN. We also had time to freely discuss and ask questions to our two teachers Dr. Anthony Langlois, and Professor Steven Rothmann as well as to Dr. John Scherpereel, the chair of the International Network of University’s (INU’s) Academic Planning Committee, about anything related to academic careers and work life in general, which was very rewarding for us.

The evening was spent yet another time preparing for the role play and the hotel lobby was filled with different country groups trying to negotiate their way towards a successful outcome for their respective country’s interests the following way. Many secret alliances were plotted this night, but everybody knew that these alliances and promises could be broken at any point of the role play.

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