Orientation week!

Last week the orientation week began, when all of the undergraduate international students met. I think we were around 30 people, which is a lot less than I thought we would be. Most of them came from the US, a few from Canada and the rest from Europe. The orientation  gave us an introduction on how to enroll into academic units (as it is called in Australia, referring to a subject or a class you’re taking, such as philosophy or sociology for example). Since then I’ve been stressed out trying to arrange my schedule for the units I’m taking, finding new units when the ones I’ve chosen were clashing, finding the right people to sign the right form for me, and so on… The stress has eased a bit and on monday the semester will start! I look forward to my units, which will be Introduction to ethics, Introduction to international development studies, Human geography of globalization and Global change and development. I especially look forward to seeing my aussie classmates!

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