An australian cliché #1


When doing an exchange in Australia, or just visiting the country for any other reason, it’s impossible to avoid hearing about the spiders in this country as soon as you mention that you are going here. The spiders really are _everywhere_, however I have had the fortune of not running into the hairy, big ones, so far *knock on wood*. The biggest ones I’ve seen are of the type in the picture above – it might look small but it’s pretty big and it’s more of a small animal than an insect. This one is living outside of my room and I make sure to keep my door closed as much as possible when I see that it’s crawled out of it’s “home” above the window.

However, you could say that the exposure techniques Australia uses regarding their spiders are pretty hardcore and full on… I must admit that it’s working, my fear of spiders is almost gone even if I still have a bit to work on when it comes to these big spiders as in the picture above.

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