New beginnings: moving to England

Before coming to Newcastle, I knew nothing neither about the city nor about the country (I have never been to England before). It was also a choice of the university, not the country. I haven’t thought about the left-sided traffic, and I didn’t even consider the charming British accent I have never been too fond of anyway. But then it actually came to arriving at Newcastle upon Tyne. My idea was to take courses related to journalism, which I recently became passionate about, in order to gain more knowledge in this field than studying English Studies in Malmo University could provide me with.

This blog is not a fresh experience, as I have been writing one for some time (and still am). However this one will contain posts concerning my life in Newcastle: my new experiences, insights into the British culture, as well as the local Geordie culture, student life, events and anything else I will get excited about. I am hoping to write 1-2 posts weekly so that this blog accurately reflects my new experiences and adventures in the area. Suggestions for new posts are always welcome, so feel free to do that as well, if there’s something in particular that you want to know.

As they say here in Newcastle, cheers!

p.s. Even though I love taking pictures, my camera broke just before I came here, so all pictures in my posts will be from the internet. However, I am hoping to get a camera soon, so hopefully they will start to appear in my posts soon.

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