Workshops, lectures and an anniversary-celebration

Another two more days filled with workshops and lectures have passed since last. Each day has consisted of three workshops all designed to make us think about and discuss different aspects of climate change ranging from biodiversity to economy and tourism.

Daniel; Indonesia and Daphne; Spain hard at work at one of our quintuple helixes regarding climate change in the Galapagos Islands.

When we arrived we were all invited into nine subgroups of nine people. Each of these groups are required to make an informational poster on a certain environmental topic to present to the rest of the conference on Sunday before the closing ceremony.

Group 9 is focusing on Climate Change, Human Impact and Resilience in Biodiversity.
Jessica; Indonesia, Rumpa; Bangladesh, Wandile; South Africa, Ferdin; Indonesia, Sofia; Sweden, Thoung; Vietnam, Stella; Indonesia, Inggita; Indonesia & Daphne; Spain. 

One of the lectures held during the days was on the East Bali Poverty Projects (EBPP). It is a project initiated by a British civil engineer in 1998 but driven and owned by the local community. The aim of the project is to reduce poverty, increase education, health care and creating a safer environment for the people of the distant and hard reached parts of East Bali, specifically on Mt Agung (the volcano that is currently acting up). A fantastic project and a fantastic outcome of nearly twenty years of incredibly hard work from the locals and their collaborators. Truly inspiring!

During lunch we got to take part of the 63rd anniversary for the UNPAR Uni. One of the coordinators and lecturers of the conference; Fiona, did the honors and cut the cake. 

After a long day ending closer to 19.00 Dina, Inga and Sofia went out for dinner and some catching up. As we are all located in different rooms and groups we haven’t really seen each other all week so it was nice getting to talk a bit and sharing and comparing our impressions of the week so far.

Tomorrow another adventure starts when we are being picked up at 5.30 to go to Amed and take part of the projects carried out to keep the reefs healthy and prosperous.

Till next time!

/Dina, Inga, Khalil & Sofia/

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